Dr. Jill Health® – Foundational Nutrition


This pack gives you a simple way to get all the daily essentials you need for a basic foundation, including a simple 2/day multivitamin, and powerful omega-3 fish oil and probiotic. You will also get a tasty MediPro shake to use as meal replacement or enhance your diet or weight loss.

FloraMend Prime Probiotic 30 caps

A proprietary, stable probiotic blend for everyday GI and weight management support*

Medipro Vegan Vanilla 44.6 oz

Vegan protein supplement with complete multi-vitamin/mineral, digestive enzymes, probiotics, and more

Super EPA - 90 Caps

Super EPA helps maintain the body's normal inflammatory response in muscles and joints, enhances mood, supports a healthy heart and brain, and promotes a healthy insulin response.

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Basic Nutrients 2/day 60 caps

Easy-to-use daily multi-vitamin / mineral supplement for everybody

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