Dr. Jill Health® – MCAS Bundle

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Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) is a condition where mast cells, a type of white blood cell involved in the body’s immune response, become overly sensitive and release excessive amounts of chemicals such as histamine.  This leads to a wide range of symptoms, including skin rashes, gastrointestinal disturbances, cardiovascular issues, and respiratory symptoms.

Dr. Jill Health® - Hist Assist 120 Caps

The Hist Assist formula includes optimal support for nasal and sinus passageways for individuals who anticipate seasonal changes.

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Dr. Jill Health® - Histamine Blocker 60 caps

Histamine Blocker is a patented enzyme formula containing diamine oxidase (DAO)—the main enzyme responsible for the degradation of ingested histamine. This enzyme has been clinically tested and found to break down food-derived histamine in the digestive tract. DAO is not absorbed and does not have systemic activity.
  • Supports Healthy Degradation of Food-Derived Histamine*
  • Enhances the Presence of Diamine Oxidase in the Digestive Tract*

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Dr. Jill Health® - Buffered C Caps 90 caps

Buffered C Capsules are balanced with calcium, magnesium and potassium to gently deliver high-concentration vitamin C to reduce the potential of gastrointestinal upset.

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Dr. Jill Health® – MCAS Bundle
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