To understand the power of benaGene, you first need to understand the importance of oxaloacetate. Oxaloacetate is a naturally-occurring compound needed by every human cell to produce energy in the Krebs Cycle. Proper levels of oxaloacetate are crucial for healthy metabolism, glucose system support and overall cellular function.

The body already has oxaloacetate inside its cells. In fact, you need a certain amount of it just to stay alive—children born with an inability to produce oxaloacetate die early in childhood.  Your oxaloacetate is normally replenished from natural processes in your cells.  Oxaloacetate supplementation with benaGene can provide you with more of this critical metabolite.

What is benaGene?

In its raw form, oxaloacetate is notoriously unstable and quickly degrades, making oxaloacetate supplements ineffective. benaGene is a new, patented form of oxaloacetate—thermally stabilized and paired with Vitamin C.

benaGene (oxaloacetate) was first developed from research into the molecular pathways of the calorie restricted metabolic state. Working with researchers at UCSD, UCLA, and UC Riverside, we found that we were able to stimulate the same molecular pathways as calorie restriction with oxaloacetate, without actually reducing calorie intake. Currently, our unique formula holds over 10 patents, has undergone five clinical trials, and is sold all over the world (although we are still waiting for our first order from Antarctica).

What can oxaloacetate do for my energy levels?

As you may have heard before, the mitochondria is known as the “powerhouse of the cell”, and when functioning properly, produces over 90% of the energy your cells need. In other words, the mitochondria are responsible for producing the ATP (energy) required to fuel proper cellular functioning, via the Krebs cycle.

Oxaloacetate not only provides the building blocks needed for the Krebs cycle to produce ATP energy, but in fact promotes mitochondrial biogenesis—helping new mitochondria form within cells and boosting the body’s energy production.  This dual action of promoting mitochondrial density, and providing the basic building blocks, is what makes benaGene a unique dietary supplement.

What can oxaloacetate do for my aging and health?

As we age, our normal cells run out of telomere length and stop replicating in a process called cell senescence. They become prone to chronic inflammation, and our stem cells decline in functionality. The quality, activity, and number of our mitochondria also declines.

As a result, our bodies sometimes need a little extra help. Supplementing with oxaloacetate not only provides the metabolites necessary for the mitochondria to do their job, but also helps form fresh new mitochondria for increased energy production. In human cell tests and laboratory animal tests, oxaloacetate also reduces inflammation and promotes neurogenesis to support both physiological and neurological wellbeing.

Because oxaloacetate works by imitating calorie restriction, benaGene triggers many of the same anti-aging pathways that calorie restriction is known for. Examples include activating anti-aging genes via sirtuin proteins and increasing the NAD+/NADH ratio in human cell tests. Animal tests show that benaGene supplementation increases lifespan by 25% (p<0.001).

We are often asked if benaGene will allow you to live longer.  Seeing how the test would take over 100 years, we really don’t know.  Many of us that take benaGene feel that we cannot wait for the definitive answer to this question, especially when the science is so hopeful.

What are some other benefits of oxaloacetate?

Reports from our customers list many benefits that they have seen with benaGene supplementation.  These include increased energy, improvements in mental focus, sleep, weight maintenance, reduction in sugar cravings, and glucose stabilization.

More on Mental Focus

Have you ever felt “brain fog”—foggy or ‘wired’ and unable to focus? That your thoughts were spinning around, bringing up the same issues over and over again?  Glutamate—a neurotransmitter that can literally excite brain cells to death if it accumulates unchecked—may be responsible for that feeling. Oxaloacetate has been shown in numerous studies to act as a glutamate scavenger in the blood, removing excess glutamate before it can wreak havoc on the brain.

More on Weight Maintenance

benaGene provides surplus oxaloacetate to the liver, which can supercharge your diet by assisting your body in converting fats and ketones into maximum usable energy.  This energy supports proper heart, brain and overall cellular functioning. Interestingly, customers have also noticed a reduction in sugar cravings after taking benaGene. Cell studies with oxaloacetate have also shown that oxaloacetate can increase muscular endurance by up to 10%, by providing this extra energy to the cells.

More on Glucose Stabilization

Glucose (sugar) levels in our blood fluctuate throughout the day.  After a meal high in sugars or carbohydrates, our blood glucose levels can rise to unhealthy levels. Large amounts of glucose in our blood can react with proteins to make them stop functioning properly. benaGene has been shown to stabilize blood sugar levels in non-diabetic individuals, by upregulation of the FOXO genes that deal with glucose homeostasis, so that you have energy to burn at a steady rate.